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Auphan POS Systems- Web Enabled Technology

Auphan's industry expertise and product innovation ensures key features and capabilities are relevant for restaurant and food beverage operators in today's competitive market. Our integrated systems allow owners and operators the ability to multi-task and manage all aspects of their business from a central system with the added online convenience.

Restaurant and Table Service

Auphan's Restaurant Table Service Software for fine dining, casual, and full service restaurants and bars provides users full front and back office management features. Our user friendly systems ensure easy training, learning, and extensive scope of capabilities.

  • Gift & Loyalty Card System
  • Online Order and Payment 
  • Online Reservations and Hostess
  • Take- Out and Delivery System
  • Coursing for Fine Dining
  • Inventory System (recipe, food and drink costing, audit trail, and reports)
  • Integrated Handhelds (iPad, iPod Touch, Pay at the Table Handhelds)
  • Remote Login
  • Security Camera 
  • SMS (for reservation notifications and more).
  • Ordering Handhelds on the iPad Touch and iPad for servers, hostess, and operators

Quick Service / Take Out

Auphan's Quick Service software for cafes, coffee shops, fast food, deli's, and bakeries provide users a simple to learn and fast ordering interface. A custom menu is created based on a store's operation with front and back office features. Quick service users can incorporate additional tools to promote product awareness. Our popular customer display system works with your point of sale system, helping to reduce communication mistakes, increase promotional awareness for new products and specials and even increase decision making so customers take less time to decide on an order.

Auphan's Digital Signage System is an impressive tool that reduces time and cost needed to deploy changes. It's a long term investment that allows you to reduce operational expenditure while increasing marketing opportunities. Users can enjoy real time changes made to their stores.

  • Gift and Loyalty Card System 
  • Online Order and Payment
  • Online Reservations and Hostess
  • Take-Out and Delivery System
  • Coursing for Fine Dining
  • Inventory System (Recipe, Food/Beverage Costing, Reports)
  • Integrated PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing
  • Integrated Handhelds (iPad, iPod Touch, Payment Processing Handhelds)
  • Display Systems (Digital Menus, Promotion Boards, Customer Displays Units)
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Caller ID Display 
  • Weight and Scales
  • Remote Login
  • Order to Go and Payment Handhelds on the iPad Touch and iPad for servers,

Customer Training and After Support
Our Implementation and Support Team provides in house consultation with customers prior installation to understand their needs and concerns. 

Our systems are supported by a 24/7 live technical support team that assists you in answering questions related to software or hardware issues during the course of your operations. Clients on our support program continually receive software improvements and updates as they come available. In the long run, as a business owner you can expand your service offerings just by using our system. Your system never becomes old as upgrades and features can be easily provided to you online. Take advantage of our popular current offerings like gift or loyalty card, online ordering, reservation system and more.

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