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Auphan Enterprise Chain & Franchisee Management System

Auphan's enterprise chain and management system is one of the most complete systems for growing multi-locational operators seeking to streamline operations. Our centralized management system provides the capabilities and information needed to improve decision making and deployment for head office and the corporate franchiser.

Value to the Franchisor and Head Office

Brand Control
Maintain brand and operational control on 1 or 10,000 locations everyday.

  • Streamline Reporting - Everything is automatically synchronized over night and ready for next day reports. Eliminate fax, emails, or hand delivery of franchise reports.

  • Corporate Controls - All changes to menus, prices, and store settings can be managed from head office. All departments (marketing, accounting, and operations personnel are able to retrieve real time information to quickly make and deploy changes within days).

  • Marketing ROI - Marketing program effectiveness can be gauged in real-time not weeks or months. Through our digital display system, its centralized multi-user interface allows everyone in your team the ability to view, deploy and make changes as needed.
  • Development and Improvements - Changes in the nature of your business can call for new features to be made. Given these changes we continually develop and improve our systems by giving you updates as they come available within 6 months to a year depending on the complexity and nature of development.
Value to the Franchisee

User Friendly Systems 
It's important to us that your systems are easy to use.
  • Reduce Training Time - First time and customers who have used other systems always mention that learning and using our systems are noticeably easier. We make this our priority in our development. 

  • Customized Ordering Menu  - Custom menus that are specific to your business ensure our system adjust to your operations and as well improves it. Each store is able to customize the layout and sell head office approved items in their regional groups.

  • Franchisee Controls - At the store level, franchisees have the tools and reports to better manage employees, working hours, gift and loyalty card, menu item sales, and other operational tasks for greater business success. Franchisees can login to their stores anytime, anywhere via the Internet to view reports and work remotely.

  • No Internet Required - Our systems are web enabled meaning they operate regardless if you have Internet. With Internet, you enable additional capabilities and features built into our software. Further more, our automated database backup features safe guards your data in case it's lost, stolen or damaged if you have not backed it up yourself.

Affordable and Service

Our systems are priced at an affordable flat fee so the cost and maintenance of each additional store is less.
  • Standard Pricing - Our standard pricing ensures you and your franchisees have a set price throughout your growth. 

  • Service and Support - Our systems are supported by a 24/7 Live in house technical support team so your stores can call in for remote in support or onsite service help, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. In addition, we have a dedicated member in our team who will help assist you in your development and changes.