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Auphan Hotel Property Management Systems
Web accessible from anywhere Auphan Property Management Systems provides users SAAS (Software as a Service) and Full Licensed Premise IT infrastructure at your hotel. For an operator, this means you can access your system from home, at work, or anywhere that has an Internet connection, in a secure and safe manner without disrupting operations.
Unlike other systems where you'll need to spend hours learning the program. Auphan creates user friendly systems that are easy and intuitive for the novice or intermediate user. At the same time practical to use and feature rich to give you all the information you need.
Use it on the iPad
With the iPad it's easy to deploy and use on the spot. Auphan integrates your hotel software so you can use and login through your iPad to view and perform front and back office duties. This allows your hotel personnel the opportunity to increase efficiency, improve workflow, and ultimately provide faster guest experience.
During peak hours, bring out the iPad and use it as an extra station to check guest in or out from the hotel. Allow departments the capability to view and make instantaneous updates or changes to streamline tasks and eliminate paper based processess. With the iPad, it's simple to make it a part of your daily routine and improve productivity!
Hotel Property Management Features
Restaurant, Bar and Lounge, Cafe, and Retail Point of Sale Integration
We provide advanced point of sale system technology to foodservice operators around the globe. Our systems are easy to use and robust to manage daily operations. We ensure your food facility inside your hotel is able to seamlessly integrate. Guest dine-in, takeout, or room service charges are posted to the front desk and assigned to guest rooms accordingly.
Reservation and Guest Management Functions
  • Single screen view of rooms, reservations, and guest
  • Quick and easy room search availability
  • Individual and group check in and out
  • Capability to perform: room blocking, sharing, deposits, tour packages, and cancellation charges
  • Setup reoccurring charges ie. parking, wifi access, and more.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System and database to store customer detail

Flexible Rate System and Folio Manager

  • Setup nonlinear rates and based on the number or type of guests
  • Optional rates to handle: meal plans, extra amenities, short term and long term stays
  • Folio generation to route charges to different folios

  • Sale Commission and Smart Room Suggestion
    Front desk room search availability is quick and convenient. A list of rooms based on your guest search criteria can be accessed by front desk personnel, managers, and sales. Managers can effectively allocate proper commission to sales staff and third party companies booking rooms.
    Global Currency Converter
    Supports multiple currency and rates. Rates can be immediately converted from the local currency to any other currency on the spot.
    House Keeping, Laundry, Maintenance, and Management Reporting
    Keep track of house cleaning duties through our scheduler. The house keeping scheduler displays the status of rooms, room occupancy, and employees assigned to each room for scheduled tasks. Along with the laundry module which allows you to choose different rates and methods of cleaning. Front desk and managers are able to access these systems to view guest transactions, reports, add special notes, communicate maintenance needs, or guest requirements to the proper departments.