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Small/Mid Size

We focus on providing operators an easy to use, turn- key solution that fits your operation.

What We Offer

Auphan's point-of-sale solutions offer startups and mid-size operations an affordable means to grow. We provide the essentials required for your business to operate. Our valued added services offers more choice and capabilities and you decide when your ready for them. You won't need to worry about software or hardware compatibility issues because our products are fully integrated to work well together.

  • Web Enabled Solution for convenience
  • Customized menu and reporting tools
  • Full front and back office management
  • Gift, Loyalty, Membership rewards
  • Integrated Payment Processing
  • Online Ordering for Desktop and Mobile app
  • Digital Signage and Displays for visual impact and influence at your stores.
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Kiosk and self Ordering *Coming soon*
  • Receive updates and new features via the web
Benefits to You

We work with you to setup your store's technology needs and provide aftercare support once installed.

  • Full Service training or Remote Installation and training options for those located in remote areas. Remote installations are prepackaged and configured. Plug in and go.
  • Web Enabled POS solution so you can remote login via the Internet from home or anywhere securely. It's convenient, saves time, and secure to manage your operations on the go.
  • 24/7 customer support line to handle technical issues, software questions and problems, and resolve hardware emergencies. We're confident you'll be happy with our service.

For advanced users, Auphan Enterprise offers more multi store control, data, and risk management. Our technology partners work with us to cater to your specific technology needs.

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What We Offer

Our Enterprise Management tools lets large organizations gain access to data from all stores, this includes sales, food cost, and beyond. Auphan's Enterprise tools are robust, flexible, and comprehensive for those requiring specific data and advanced reporting capabilities.

  • Enterprise tools for advanced reporting needs
  • Store level software capabilities for better data management and reporting to Head Office
  • Easy, secure web tools and remote login
  • Integration third party specialization
  • Data Management, loss prevention, extraction
  • Receive updates and features via the web
Benefits to You

A dedicated team member will work with you to develop a plan for your company's technology goals and provide continual support for head office and stores once installed.

  • Work with a group of professionals who can listen, understand, and suggest ways to help you improve your operations and meet your goals
  • Alleviate hardware and software support issues when you work with our dedicated technical support team that will manage each store
  • Enterprise capabilities that allow for faster company wide distribution of products, prices, and securely manage the storage of your data
  • Dedicated development team to work with you on improvements, updates, and changes for HQ
  • Easy, secure remote login from anywhere via the Internet