View Schedules On The Go

Scalable Web Based Employee Scheduling

Are you ready to make employee scheduling easier, less time-consuming, and more accessible?
Auphan Scheduler lets you schedule your workstaff from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Non-Integration / Integration with your POS

Have it independent or integrated with your Auphan point-of-sale. When it's integrated, employees can clock in/out from the POS which will be recorded and auto sync'd to your scheduler, waiting to be approved by you, for easy record keeping.

Automate Scheduling

Auphan's Scheduler can auto populate schedules using a requested criteria and provide suggestions to where requirements or hours are not met.

  • Auto assign shifts to employees
  • Auto calculate hours
  • Create scheduled templates
  • Flexible editing and administration options
Easy Online Employee Access

Employees can easily access and view their schedules online via email and mobile app.

  • Update availability online
  • Request days off via internet when setup
  • Swap shifts between employees when setup
  • Available on Google Play or Apple Store
Enterprise & Multi-Stores

Enterprise users can create schedules for multiple stores and staff members. View everything on your calendar. It's easy and convenient to view all or select stores to better budget your workforce.

Need to send out a memo to all staff members? Company wide communications can be sent via the app or email.

Flexible Reporting Features

View reports for the week, month, or specific dates. Auphan's Employee Scheduler offers a quick dashboard summary, for hours, overtime, and labour costs. All reports and schedules are printable. Changes are seen in real time. Easily organize your day with our user friendly drag and drop interface.

Dynamic Employee Restrictions

Each employee has their own personal profile allowing you to group employees by skill level for scheduling. Setup availability profiles for each employee. Assign and manage requested days off.